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There is definitely nothing sexier for women than a confident man.  Being certain about your sexual health originates from knowing you’re free from diseases and practicing safe sex. In case you’re similar to most men, you need to keep up the ideal of sexual well being – which implies that STIs are certainly not on the cards. Here are the main five things you can do to appreciate an exercise a healthy sex life, always! We have here a few suggestions which although are quite obvious, are good to be reminded on.


Abstain from sexual activity – yes!

Perhaps this isn’t what you want  to listen to, yet keeping away from sex is the best approach to secure yourself against STIs and HIV. That implies no vaginal, butt-centric or oral sex, all of which can exchange STIs starting with one individual then onto the next. Of course, this implies you’ll have to practice heaps of self discipline, and we get that it isn’t always simple to practice. In the event that you truly can’t avoid, that brings us to our next few focuses…

Get circumcised

In case you’re a sexually dynamic gentleman, its a truly astute thought to get circumcised. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), male circumcision can decrease the danger of heterosexually-procured HIV contamination in men by up to 60%, gave the circumcision is performed via prepared experts in a sheltered and hygienic environment. Keep in mind however that circumcision can’t completely secure you against STIs and HIV, which implies that regardless of the possibility that you’re circumcised, you must at present utilization condoms, or be unwavering to one sexual accomplice (who is likewise without sti), or practice restraint. In many countries this is common practice.

Do not use viagra unless you need it!

Stay with one sexual partner

This makes three basic strides: First, converse with your accomplice about STIs and utilizing condoms before you begin having intercourse. On the off chance that s/he doesn’t regard your need to ensure yourself, that is a gigantic warning, and you ought to genuinely re-consider getting down ‘n filthy with them. Second, utilize condoms each time you have intercourse – no reasons! Verify you both have condoms close by at all times so you can be spontaneous without taking a chance with your health. Check that you’re utilizing them accurately and never use condom more than once (obvious?)  Third, stay reliable to one sexual accomplice. This is a standout amongst the best approaches to decrease the danger of spreading STIs.

Comprehend the contrast between conception prevention and STI security

Conception prevention secures against pregnancy yet it can’t secure against STI and HIV disease. In the event that your accomplice is utilizing any manifestation of anti birth medication (i.e., the pill, the infusion, the circle, the patch, and so on), despite everything you have to utilize a condom each time you engage in sexual relations to avert STI disease.

Get tested – every 6 months

Knowing your status implies you can stay sound and settle on more dependable choices .. Get tested all alone or, on the off chance that you have a willing friend, go together. Trust us, knowing the outcomes is an enormous load off your back and it will engage you to have a more secure and additionally satisfying sex life. Some would say if you are really a promiscuous guy, it is best to get tested every 3 months.

Keep in mind gentlemen: more often than not, men don’t encounter any obvious indications of STIs, when men’s STI side effects begin demonstrating, that STI would have been left untreated for quite a while; which is the reason its so vital to get tested consistently. Gentlemen its insufficient for you to depend on your partner’s STI judgment, be dependable and get yourself tested as well. Many STI’s have little or no obvious symptoms. – find answers to all you sexual health questions from erection problems to STI’s on the NHS website.

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Reiki for Sexual Health

Dr. Paul Turek – advice for men

Dr.Paul Turek looks at some of the most common causes of poor sexual health in men today. Some are quite obvious, others are less so. He is a microsurgeon and a biologist. He cares about the health of men and the wellbeing of families in America.

Looks aren’t everything – why social skills are important in your romantic life.

People of high social intelligence, don’t just do better in the workplace, they are more successfully in their relationships according to new research. Men of higher social intelligence are more likely to have lost their virginity at a earlier age.

One of the greater factor that can attract any woman is the social skills of a man. Woman always love to be with men who have good skills to mingle and make relationship with others. This can really help them in making a good image among the people around. Women always admire the men who are known well among the society where she lives in. The social media itself is a platform for making you a celebrity. Even when you are in a party or any other kind of event, there are chances for you to make friends with others and have positive relationship with people. These kind of things can really make you enjoy the way you want and also can make a woman choose you for dating. Most of the women try to be reserved in nature and so if you are much interactive then you can stay in company of a woman easily. – Dutch dating website. This is a great place to talk to women. Facebook.  The Facebook group can be a great place to meet over singles. So please make a comment and see if you can find someone who has the same interests at you.


The good news is social skills can be learnt over time. Many men who were shy and awkward have, through years of practice and hard work become social butterflies. This is best done by practice and reading some books which can help become better at speaking to the opposite sex. It is possible to improve your social intelligence through doing group activities.

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